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We believe in the power of mindfulness and inner peace to guide our clients towards mental health wellbeing and substance free future


Recovery's holistic heaven

Welcome to Zen Recovery Treatment Centre, Kenya’s Oasis of Healing. In our tranquil haven, we empower individuals on their journey to overcome addiction and reignite their lives with unwavering support. Our devoted team of caring experts crafts tailored recovery paths, blending holistic therapies to foster holistic rejuvenation – mind, body, and soul.


Recovery process

Step 1

Personalized assessments

Tailored evaluations designed to understand individual needs and craft customized recovery plans at Zen.

Step 2

Psychometric testing

In depth psychological assessments to gain insight into cognitive, behavioural functioning and emotional well-being.

Step 3

Psychiatric reviews

Expert psychiatric evaluations offering comprehensive insights and guidance for mental health care at Zen.

Step 4


Medically supervised and holistic detox services ensuring a safe and supported transition toward recovery.

Step 5

Holistic therapies

Comprehensive healing approaches that integrate mind, body, and soul for a balanced and transformative recovery.

Step 6

Adjustment and Aftercare

Ongoing support, counseling, and resources to facilitate a smooth transition and sustained recovery post-treatment.

Step 7

Community engagement

Participation in supportive group activities and therapy sessions fostering connection and shared experiences.

Step 8

Occupational therapy

Personalized interventions promoting daily functioning and overall well-being through a holistic occupational therapy approach.


Our admission process is designed to be straightforward, empathetic, and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Welcoming Environment

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort, safety, and immediate connection with the compassionate community that forms the heart of our treatment centre.

Intra-Personal Treatment

It involves actively participating in discussing any concerns, and in shaping your recovery journey. We believe in transparency and collaboration to ensure you feel empowered and informed.

Embark on your journey to inner harmony

We believe in the power of mindfulness and inner peace to guide our clients towards a brighter, substance-free future.

Welcome to Zen Recovery Treatment Centre, Kenya’s Oasis of Healing. 

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