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Welcome to Zen treatment centre

Within our sanctuary, we integrate compassion with expertise to provide unparalleled care. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to fostering well-being across the dimensions of mind, body, and soul. Discover a distinguished haven where recovery transcends mere destination, offering a meticulously tailored, compassionate, and transformative experience. 


Treatment options

Explore our range of programs, each crafted with care and expertise to offer a personalized approach to recovery.”

Inpatient 90 Days

Rediscover stability and strength in Zen's transformative 90-day inpatient program, offering comprehensive support within a safe environment for lasting recovery.

Outpatient sessions

Experience flexible healing with Zen's outpatient services, allowing individuals to maintain daily routines while receiving effective therapy and support.

Accelerated Program 45 Days

Fast-track your recovery with Zen's intensive 45-day program, condensing a robust blend of therapies and support for efficient, transformative healing.

Virtual Sessions

Connect and heal from anywhere with Zen's virtual sessions, offering convenient and accessible therapy to embark on the journey to recovery from the comfort of your own space.

Our principles

Embracing the transformative power of mindfulness, weaving ancient wisdom and modern therapeutic approaches to guide you on a journey towards inner peace and well-being.


Mindfulness Meditation

Embark on a journey of self-discovery through mindfulness meditation. Our therapists gently guide you to pay attention to the present moment, fostering a non-judgmental awareness of your thoughts and emotions.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Experience the liberating path of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), where mindfulness and acceptance strategies empower you to embrace your thoughts and feelings. Unleash psychological flexibility and take actions aligned with your deepest values.



Embrace Freedom: In the spirit of Zen philosophy, we explore non-attachment, encouraging you to let go of strong ties to thoughts and emotions. Our therapists compassionately guide you through challenging attachments, paving the way to greater emotional freedom.


Present-Centered Awareness

Step into the power of the present moment. Our therapists assist you in cultivating present-centered awareness, alleviating anxiety about the future and releasing regrets about the past. Embrace the richness of each moment with clarity and purpose.


Mind-Body Connection

Zen teaches us the profound connection between mind and body. Our therapists seamlessly integrate somatic approaches, allowing you to reconnect with your bodily sensations and emotions. Experience the harmony that arises when mind and body move in synchrony.

Welcome to Zen Recovery Treatment Centre, Kenya’s Oasis of Healing. 

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